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Keeping Schools Open For In-Person Learning Through Automated Pre-Screening

Automated Coronavirus Reporting & Screening Tool

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What is AITIA Coronavirus?

AITIA Coronavirus Reporting is a self-reporting app designed to collect screening information from students, parents, teachers, vendors and visitors so that administrators can make informed decisions about their population health.

By automating the collection of pre-screening questions, schools can continue to focus on education.

Who is it for?

All educational and daycare institutions  that want to automate the collection of pre-screening questions related to coronavirus.

Allowing you to “track and trace” your population to identify possible health risks.

AITIA Features at a Glance

Helping schools Screen for & respond to Coronavirus Risk

AITIA utilizes CDC guidelines for symptom screening and self-reporting. The responses from the screen are visible in a dashboard that allows administrators to quickly review potential health risks posed by its population of students, educators, administrators, vendors or other visitors.

Notifications are sent to both tracked individuals as well as administrators to assist with compliance with the school’s reopening plans.

Symptom Screening
Reporting / Dashboard
Population Health Management

Privacy & Confidentiality

HIPAA Compliant Data Management

We use HIPAA-compliant Amazon Web Servers to make sure your data is secure and safe.

Benefits of Automating Screening

Improved Risk-Management Through Data

AITIA Coronavirus is a digital solution that is designed to assist a return to in-person learning.

By automating the collection of pre-screening questions designed to assess risk of exposure to the coronavirus, educators and administrators can improve how they manage these risks.

Avoid School-Wide Closures

By viewing data in groups of individuals rather than across the entire population, schools may be able to avoid site-wide closures based on the perceived risk for each group (ie. class, grade, building).

Improve Confidence

Administrators can improve confidence in their screening process by automating and setting up alerts when responses are incomplete or fall outside acceptable criteria.

Minimize Administration

By allowing AITIA to provide administrative collection of responses, schools can return to focusing on educating students.

Respond Quickly

The daily dashboard allows administrators to respond quickly and efficiently to perceived risk or possible exposure to the coronavirus.

Special Pricing For Schools

Per Tracked Individual

Month-to-Month Billing
per month/individual
  • 10 Free Visitor Responses Per Month

Per Tracked Individual

Billed Every 6 Months
per month/individual
  • 10 Free Visitor Responses Per Month
6 Month

Per Tracked Individual

Billed Annually
per month/individual
  • 10 Free Visitor Responses Per Month