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Automated Coronavirus Reporting & Screening Tool

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What is AITIA Coronavirus?

AITIA Coronavirus Reporting is a automated self-reporting app designed to collect screening information from employees, customers, vendors and visitors so that businesses can make informed decisions about their population health.

By automating the collection of pre-screening questions, businesses can continue to reopen

Who is it for?

All businesses that are seeking to return to work while having more data transparency on the risks posed by individuals who may have been exposed to coronavirus.

Allowing you to “track and trace” your population to identify possible health risks.

Business Type

Designed for all Business Types

Use a monthly plan for your employees and a fixed plan for your anticipated monthly visitors


Bring customers back safely by tracking their risk before they walk into the front-door.

Hospitals / Healthcare

Automated pre-screening for point-of-care settings such as doctors, dentists, hospitals and any other locations where patients are seen.

Biotech / Pharma

Use AITIA for employee pre-screening for sites that require in-person employees


Create better visibility into risks for coronavirus exposure for workers in manufacturing

Sports & Entertainment

Using an automated visitor self-reporting dashboard to help get people back in movie theaters and sports events.

Salons, Barbershops & Gyms

Any small business that may have potential close interaction with its customers needs to be able to provide improved confidence on the risks posed by that customer. Let AITIA Coronavirus help with your re-opening plans.

AITIA Features at a Glance

Helping Businesses return to work

AITIA utilizes CDC guidelines for symptom screening and self-reporting. The responses from the screen are visible in a dashboard that allows administrators to quickly review potential health risks posed by its population of employees, customers, vendors or other visitors.

Notifications are sent to both tracked individuals as well as administrators to assist with compliance with the business’ reopening plans.

Symptom Screening
Reporting / Dashboard
Population Health Management

Automated Screening

AITIA Coronavirus utilizes CDC guidelines to screen for potential individual risks for coronavirus.

Notifications & Alerts

Tracked users receive notifications/reminders to complete screening prior to entering place of work.

Risk Management

Automating the collection of pre-screening criteria allows organizations to do a better job of assessing risk – as well as responding to potential exposure to the coronavirus.

Privacy & Confidentiality

HIPAA Compliant Data Management

We use HIPAA-compliant Amazon Web Servers to make sure your data is secure and safe.

Benefits of Automated Screening

Improved Risk-Management Through Automation

AITIA Coronavirus is a digital solution that is designed to assist a return to work.

By automating the collection of pre-screening questions designed to assess risk of exposure to the coronavirus, businesses can improve how they manage these risks.

Make Pre-Screening Manageable

Conducting pre-screening for all customers at businesses with high-volume foot traffic can prevent many businesses from safely reopening. 

By utilizing AITIA Coronavirus, businesses can automate a daunting task and work towards building a confident reopening plan.

Public Health Compliance

By utilizing AITIA Coronavirus as part of their reopening plans, businesses can reopen with confidence and demonstrate to public health officials another tool they are using in the fight against coronavirus.

Bring Customers Back Safely

Using AITIA not only provides better screening tools for businesses but also provides customers with the confidence to return.


Developed for use as a remote patient monitoring tool by OPTIMDosing, AITIA is designed to be HIPAA compliant and collect population health statistics while maintaining user privacy and confidentiality.

Let AITIA help. 

Monthly Recurring Pricing

Monthly pricing is for organizations that need to track employee movements.  Pricing listed is per user per month – with greater discounts provided for twelve- and six-month contracts.

Small Business

<25 Employees
Per month/employee

Billed Annually
  • $13.00 (six-month rate)
  • $15.00 (month-to -month)
  • 10 Free guest responses per month


26-500 Employees
Per month/employee

Billed Annually
  • $23.00 (six-month rate)
  • $25.00 (month-to-month)
  • 15 Free guest responses per month


>500 Employees
Per month/employee

Billed Annually
  • $33.00 (six-month rate)
  • $35.00 (month-to-month)
  • 20 Free guest responses per month

Visitor Monthly Pricing

Visitor pricing is for organizations that have fluctuating users monthly – this is often best used for tracking of customers, patients and/or vendors.

Up to 20 Visitor Responses

Included with each plan are 10, 15 and 20 free visitor responses
Free Per response

More than 20 Visitor Responses

Automatically charged for visitors using the app at a flat rate
Per response